What To Do In DownTown – Johnson City Tn

Things To Do For Kids, Nightlift, Toursim etc – Johnson City Tn

What to do in downtown Johnson City Tennessee. Lots, compared to five years ago! 

First understand that downtown Johnson City used to be dangerous and totally baron of people.Great job to the JC Police on changing most of this! There’s still not a lot of people walking around most of the time but when there is something happening there are already complaints of no where to park in downtown Johnson City! 

So now the city has taken an active approach at revitalizing downtown Johnson City. So there’s actually a lot going on. For example there are many things to do like going out to eat at a variety of different cool restaurants like white duck taco, Holy Taco (this author’s review is that it’s OK, a little pricey for the quality although most people say they love it, I vote for White Duck).

Johnson City Coffee

 Or going out for coffee at Willow or going two grab a beverage at the new brewery Downtown. It used to be that if someone said downtown Brewery it was really nothing but now one has to ask which one do you mean. Is it U-Haul Brewing or one of the others. There’s also the downtown Farmers Market  (although a lot of what’s sold there isn’t really organic, so make sure not to assume!!) on Saturday morning but of course that’s pretty seasonal, as is the downtown yoga and there’s even groups that offer drumming and other activities in the Big Green Space Founders Park.


And if you were an art lover then you can also see some pretty decent art sculptures at the park. And in downtown there’s also coming I supposed to be anyway a splash pad park for kids so that will be nice. And there’s also a really nice Library if you like to read.

Many of the downtown business spaces are still empty but they are starting to fill up slowly with coffee shops, churches (like Redeemer a pretty good one for young adults), little local craft shops. Another sort of off the beaten path off the wall kind of shops downtown usually attracts.

Night Life

There are places to go out in Johnson City Tn, like Yee Haw (which is pretty kid friendly), and here’s a list of other places. Of course they have a brewing company too.

Co Working

Believe it or not there’s a coworking space called Spark  in Johnson City but some of the people there said it’s hard to have meetings because the train is so loud and the office separators so thin, but hey that’s part of throwing yourself out of the house and into the noise of coworking. There are some cool tech meetup there like Javascript group.

Nearby Things to Do

Walking Trails

The Tweetsie trail is right around the corner for miles and miles of walking. Be sure not to forage out there though because they do spray chemicals.



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